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Robert D. Mather hosts the podcast “My Patriot Brain”. He is a behavioral scientist and former tenured full professor of psychology. He spent twenty years in higher education as an award-winning professor and administrator. He has authored over forty peer-reviewed articles and four books, including “Implicit Biases and the Unconscious: Liberal Biases, Racial Prejudice, and Politics”. He has served as President of the Oklahoma Academy of Science. He has been interviewed by Fox News, CNN, The New York Times, and The Atlantic.

Following the bold Spring 2016 publication of his blog “The Conservative Social Psychologist” at Psychology Today, he became the most vocal publicly identified conservative voice in the field of social psychology. His national television debut came on The Ingraham Angle on Fox News during Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary hearings.

The “My Patriot Brain” community is a place for his podcast listeners to engage with each other and the host in a professional manner without being trolled, shadow banned, or worrying about losing their jobs for their political beliefs. As a Christian conservative in the progressive field of social psychology, he understands what is at stake for everyone in voicing their beliefs and believes that we are strong together!

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